The Perks of Adding a Hardwired Connection to Your Brand New Home


Integrate a robust home network installation and elevate your living experience from day one!

A strong and reliable home network installation is crucial in any Kansas City, MO, home, especially if you want to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. You will need a robust connection to keep your systems and devices up and running. Due to its great convenience, Wi-Fi installations tend to be the most popular, but the truth is that hardwired connections offer significant benefits to a home. However, if you plan on adding these installations, and you’re building your home from scratch, we highly recommend you integrate this technology into the construction process. Want to know why? Keep reading our blog to learn all about it!

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First Things First: Why Do I Really Need a Hardwired Network?

There are three main benefits of having a hardwired connection: speed, latency and reliability. First, a hardwired network is significantly faster than Wi-Fi technology. Though this will depend mostly on the type of cable you’re using, even the most common one, the cat5e, can support up to 1 GB of speed. 

Latency refers to how long it takes for data to travel from one device to another in a network. The lower your latency is, the better. A hardwired connection offers much less latency than Wi-Fi. This is extra important if you work from home and have regular video conferences or if you (or your kids) are into online gaming. 

Lastly, a hardwired connection is undoubtedly more reliable than Wi-Fi, as there are many ways interference can mess with a Wi-Fi connection. Since this approach relies on being physically connected to your devices through a cable, your signal will never drop, and your speed will remain the same no matter what. 

As a side note, you should know that this doesn’t mean Wi-Fi is useless. On the contrary, Wi-Fi connections are very convenient, and up-to-date installations can provide great speed and reliable service. Still, if you want to enjoy your devices to the fullest and take full advantage of your smart home installations, we advise including both types in your home. 

Why Should I Add My Network In the Construction Phase? 

One of the reasons homeowners dread installing cables into their homes is that they simply don’t want to drill their walls and mess with their aesthetics. This is completely understandable because, after all, these installations can be quite invasive. 

If you are already building your home from scratch, including your wired internet connections in the construction phase will allow architects and interior designers to be prepared to disguise the installations and deliver a home that is comfortable, unique and aesthetically pleasing.

On top of that, by incorporating an internet connection into your home so early, you can ensure your home will be truly move-in-ready once the construction is done, as you’ll be able to surf the web and enjoy all your content and smart devices from day one! 

At Applause, Custom, Sight & Sound, we are passionate about helping you make the most out of your modern smart home. Are you ready to integrate a home network installation in your brand-new Missouri home? Reach out to us right here or drop us a message right below. 

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