Why You Need A Professional Network Installation


Cope with Increased Connectivity Demands by Upgrading Your Network

The world has changed in the past few months. Professionals have begun telecommuting to work, and children have started to attend online classes. This puts never-before-seen strain on your network, which can lead to unreliable connections. It might be time to upgrade your home network foundation. Read below to learn more about the benefits of a professional network installation for your Kansas City, MO home.

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Reliable Network

Most modern homes operate with the help of technology. You likely have many essential devices that need to connect to the internet to work. Each family member has a phone, tablet, and laptop. You have smart TVs, home automation technology, and streaming devices. Most of the country is now working from home, and children are attending online classes. It is more important now than ever to have a home network foundation that sports high bandwidth for all your online needs.

Custom Installation

When you buy an out-of-the-box network setup, you’re likely not getting the best connection possible because it is not tailored to your individual network needs. A professional network installer will evaluate your home to see which spaces have stable network connectivity and which spaces are possible dead zones so that they can prescribe solutions that deliver reliable connection throughout your property. Some areas, such as home offices or home theaters, might require a wired connection to power resource-hungry AV solutions such as video conferencing with colleagues or streaming 4K movies. The only way to get a personalized and reliable installation is to trust an expert.

Data Security

The last thing you may be worried about right now is the security of your home's network. The security of your network is essential to its function. When working from home on an unsecured network, you are putting your livelihood at risk by leaving your personal data or company data unprotected. Any data breaches that occur will be your responsibility. On the lesser end, neighbors can log into your Wi-Fi and use up your precious bandwidth. A network professional will institute password protection and network encryption on all of your data, so you don't have to feel unprotected.

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