3 Often Overlooked Home Theater Components


Our experts at your trusted home theater company break down some lesser-known elements that impact performance

When most people think of home theaters, they usually think of the standard things that create the audio and video experience, like the screen, the surround sound system, and the projector. That is not all that goes into immersing you in your favorite movies, though! The seating, acoustic treatments, and lighting all influence your overall experience. Read on to learn more about the three components homeowners often overlook when working with a home theater company in Overland Park, KS.



Many homeowners neglect to consider the right seating for their private cinemas or think about it at the end of their installation. Seating should be considered toward the beginning of the project so that you can ensure correct placement for audio and visual performance. You do not want to suffer from a sore neck or stiff back because your chairs are uncomfortable. Make sure that you choose seating designed for you to sit through long movie marathons and that will last you for years to come!

Acoustic Treatments

Your speakers aren’t the only component that affects sound performance. Even if you buy the most high-end speaker system, it will always be impacted by the space you put it in. That’s where acoustic treatments come in. These prevent noise from coming in, sound from going out, and create better sound performance in the space. Acoustic treatments can even be used to improve the aesthetic of your room! Show off your personality by incorporating acoustic treatments into your interior design. Craft the cinematic ambiance of a commercial theater with panels that add detail and depth to your walls—and improve the sound of your theater!


While a home theater should be dark, it should not be poorly lit. You should have options for lighting in any situation and the ability to control everything easily. For example, a football game might be best with glare-free light, a TV show with dimmed lighting, and a movie in pure darkness. Layers of light that can be easily managed means that the space can be used for various activities.

A home automation system like Control4 will make it easy to customize every lighting fixture for any occasion! With just a few taps on a smart device or wall panel, you can adjust every fixture's color temperature and intensity. Create scenes or a pre-programmed series of actions that occurs at once for different settings. For example, have a “Game Day” scene that pulls up the glare-free lighting settings for a football game with just a tap! There is no need to fiddle with the settings every time you switch between different media.

Are you ready to create the perfect home theater for your family? Contact Applause Custom Sight & Sound today to learn more about what smart home lighting solutions would work perfectly in your home theater.


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