3 Commercial AV Problems and How to Fix Them


Our team breaks down common audio-video issues that businesses often face

Commercial audio-video solutions allow you to communicate with clients, employees, and more, whether they are in your office or across the world. Unfortunately, simply having the right audio-video equipment does not guarantee that it will work correctly. Technical problems can ruin presentations, conferences, meetings, and more. Keep reading to learn three common commercial AV problems you might face in your Kansas City, MO business and how to fix them!


Low Volume or Delayed Sound

Nothing derails a presentation faster than audio issues that prevent the presenter from being heard. As coworkers try and fix the equipment, time and energy are wasted. Or maybe there is an unintended delay when someone speaks and when the audio speakers broadcast their voice, making it difficult to make out each word.

Either your microphones might not be clearly picking up your voices, or your speakers might not be producing adequate sound to the listeners. The best way to prevent these issues is to test all the microphones and speakers before a presentation starts to ensure everything works and the volume is at the right levels. If there is a videoconferencing component, then have someone call in beforehand. When there is a delay, try and adjust your audio settings to minimize it, or if you are using wireless equipment, consider switching to a hardwired system.

Feedback and Echoes

Another common problem is feedback and echoes. Feedback is the shrill whining or clicking sound usually caused by two pieces of audio equipment being too close together. Echoes will also distract listeners and cause them to miss essential information. Ensure that there is enough distance between your microphones and the other audio components to avoid the annoying and sometimes painful sounds of feedback and echoes.

Blurry Picture or Nonfunctional Projector

What if the image on your projector screen is blurry or, worse, your projector isn’t working at all? If the projector’s automatic focus isn’t working, it might be because the projector is placed incorrectly, usually either too far from or too close to the screen. Try putting your projector at varying distances from the screen to see if that fixes the picture quality. If the projector is failing, then try replacing the bulb before the meeting. If your presenters rely heavily on presentation software, you can even consider running spares, two stacked projectors that show the same image in perfect alignment. If one projector fails, the image will stay on the screen!

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