Top Features of a Home Lighting Automation System


Optimize Your System for Any Situation

Imagine pressing a button and having your whole Leawood, KS living space illuminated to your exact preference. With a quality home lighting automation system, you can make this a part of your daily routine.

But what are the best ways to utilize your home lighting system, and why is it so essential to your everyday life?

In this blog, we’ll go through the top three benefits of a smart lighting solution and how you can easily implement them throughout your property. Want to learn more? Just keep on reading below.


Set the “Scene”

A smart lighting solution makes it easier than ever for your home’s lights to do precisely what you want them to – all by just pushing a button. When you set and save “scenes” for your system, your lights can adjust and turn on and off depending on what the moment calls for.

When your alarm goes off, have your bedroom lights turn on and grow from a glow to a brighter light for a nice wake-up call in the morning. Set your hallway and kitchen lights to already be on when you prepare for the day and eat breakfast.

Schedule your outside lighting to turn on at a certain time in the evening, or have them gradually brighten as the sun sets. Need a light on while you read? Set the lamp in your family room to turn on when you press a button that’s specifically for your “evening reading” scene. It’s that simple.

See more examples on how to use your lighting “scenes” in the Control4 video below:

Dress Up Your Space for Any Event

You don’t have to use your lighting control for just everyday routines and activities. In fact, your system is perfect for any social gathering or party you host!

You can spruce up your home with superb lighting. Have your landscape lighting illuminate your whole house and front yard so that your guests know which place is yours. A well-lit path up to your home gives them a safe and easy way to arrive at your front door.

Create ambiance over dinner and in the family room by dimming your lights and setting your smart thermostat to a comfortable temperature – this will encourage conversation and make everyone feel at home and welcomed.

If everyone is ready to watch a film together or gather in the media room, you can press a button to lower your motorized shades if the sun is still out, and dim your lights or turn them off completely. Within seconds, your entertainment space will be ready for a movie marathon that everyone can see and enjoy with ease.

Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

Another top feature of your lighting system is that you can upgrade your home’s security. When you’re gone for the day or weeks at a time, your empty house can be a target for robbers.

By setting your lighting control to an “away” scene, your system will have the lights turn on and off throughout the day that makes it look like your home is occupied and full of life. This will keep burglars from even attempting to break in and will give you peace of mind while you’re gone.

You can also tie in your outdoor lighting with your smart surveillance cameras. When motion sensors detect any movement on your property, your lights can flood the area and scare off any intruders. Then you can look back at your captured surveillance video and clearly see who or what was nearby. Never worry again about your home’s safety while you’re there or away.

Want to learn more about a home lighting automation system for your living space? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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