Protect Your Home as You Travel for the Holidays


Keep Everything Safe and Secure with a Smart Home Security System

The holidays always seem to bring that mix of complete joy and absolute chaos down upon us each year.  From wrapping presents to figuring out travel plans, it can all get a bit hectic.  Throw traveling to see family in the mix, and you’ve got a whole lot more on your plate!

But when you should be spending time on packing or planning, you might instead be concerned with leaving your home unoccupied and vulnerable to burglaries.

Take the worry out of traveling!  With a smart home security system, you can ensure that you’ll return to your Overland, Kansas home – with it completely untouched and well-protected.

Read on below to see how this service can give you that needed peace of mind.


Complete Surveillance

You can rest assured that while you are gone, your home will be under constant monitoring.  With surveillance cameras strategically placed all around your property, there won’t be a corner of it that is left unwatched.

The cameras can zoom in, pan, or tilt to your preference, and you can control them simply from your smartphone or tablet.  Motion sensors can also detect when movement is occurring either in or outside, and alert you immediately.

Real-Time Video

Whether you’re just pulling out of the driveway or if you’re already halfway across the country, you can stream the surveillance cameras’ footage straight to your smartphone.  Watch the videos in real time and choose to pick and record parts of the clips and store them on your phone as well.

You'll never wonder if you'll have to wait to approach a problem until after it’s already happened – real-time videos let you know your home’s status the moment anything changes with text alerts and emails.  Check in on everything at any time – with incredible ease.

Lighting Control

Robbers sometimes see an empty house and think it’s theirs for the taking.  Lighting control can help to make your home appear fully lived-in and occupied!

Set “scenes” that have your lights come on and off at specific times of the day to mimic your family’s daily routines.  While you’re traveling, the scene setting makes the place look like you never left, deterring burglars.

Your motion sensors can also detect any if unwanted guests are lurking nearby, and will then flood the area with your outdoor lighting – scaring off anyone who shouldn’t be there.

Leaving home for the holidays doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal.  Smart home security allows you to enjoy this season with your loved ones, without your home’s safety constantly at the forefront of your mind.

To learn more about this smart technology, give us a call today or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us!  We’d love to hear from you and customize the security system that perfectly fits your needs.

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