4 Home Theater Designs to Inspire You


Customize Your Theater to Fit Your Personality

Watching a movie should be an incredibly immersive experience – and doing so in your private home theater has multiple advantages: hot popcorn, luxurious seats, and a wide, 4K screen.  Plus – no loud talking, no clustered seating, and the ability to hit pause for a break.  But how can you make your own cinema feel catered specifically to you?  You can customize your space with a theme that highlights your interests and style.  

Here are four home theater designs that are hitting it big in the Overland Park, KS area.

Meet at the Drive-In

You can take a blast to the past and craft a home theater that feels like you’ve pulled up to the town’s old drive-in movie.  Install seating that is shaped to look like vintage cars (with much comfier, plush fabric for you to enjoy).  Put in a nice candy counter, equipped with chocolate milkshakes, striped straws, and other themed refreshments.  Decorate your walls with retro movie posters to complete the look and revel in your time-traveling film experience.


Opera House

Bring the luxury and class of a high-end opera house to the comfort of your home. With the right design, you can make your home theater look just like a night out at the show.  Hanging a stunning chandelier, installing red velvety seating and long golden drapery and curtains will instill an elegant feeling that only the opera can evoke.  Add sculptures or install a stage to finish the aesthetics, and enjoy your night at the opera.

Great Outdoors

Bring your love of nature into your movie night’s design.  You might enjoy your time outside, hiking or exploring, but you can also enjoy a good film up on the big screen.  Now you don’t have to compromise.  Put in grass carpeting, hide speakers inside faux rocks, and hang twinkling lights up on the ceiling to create a “starry night” to view while you’re watching the show.  Mother nature won’t be too far away when your theater design emulates everything you love about her.  

Your Favorite Film

Sometimes, it’s just one movie that can transport us to another cinematic universe entirely.  If your favorite film brings you to another level of emotions, then designing your theater after it might be the way to go.  Select seating based off the classic sci-fi movies you watch over and over again or put up posters all over the walls that showcase your love for that 50s film you’ve seen a hundred times. Just pick the film you love, and we’ll weave it into the theater’s design.

The right theme can go a long way toward creating an immersive, exciting movie experience.  Learn more about the options and our home theater design services by contacting us at (913) 498-1183 or online through our contact page.

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