How to Choose the Best Motorized Shades for Your Home’s Décor


A Look at All the Shading Options Available

Many homeowners believe that motorized shades will put a hindrance on their room’s interior design.  But automated shading doesn’t have to be boring or one singular style.  With custom home shading control, designers and homeowners can find the right fit for any Kansas City, MO property.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide that walks through the different fabric and style options worth considering.

Pick out the Right Fabric for the Room

Depending on where homeowners install their motorized shades, or if they’ll have some in every room, you know that different shades look better in some living spaces more so than others.  Here are some of the many fabric options to choose to add to any design:

    • Blackout: There’s nothing worse than watching a film in the media room or home theater when the large windows cast a horrible glare.  Blackout shades can keep the sun’s harmful rays out of the rooms, but can also prevent solar heat gain. 

Blackout shades are used most often in media rooms, but they can also be helpful in bedrooms to create the perfect sleeping environment.

    • Thermal Management: If avoiding solar heat gain is a top priority, blackout shades aren’t always necessary.  To allow some natural lighting in, homeowners can choose fabrics with high reflectance value that can keep the damaging sunlight away.

Consider this option for areas like living rooms or entryways that get direct sunlight on a regular basis.

    • View Preservation: Some homes have wide, elegant windows that take up entire walls.  Curtains and drapery could keep parts of the glass covered and block the beautiful view.  In order not to compromise the view, this fabric is see-through, but still halts the sun’s glares and increases privacy. 

This shading material is great for any room with larger than average windows.




Stylish Choices

The functionality of shades is key to a complete automated experience.  We’ve listed out a few of the various styles and features of motorized shading that can bring life to a home.

    • Honeycomb: These shades easily fold up, and can be tucked nicely away when not in use.  When they unroll, the air pockets in between the fabric will also help to insulate a home, keeping your property cool during the summer and warm in the winter.
    • Roman: Similar to honeycomb, roman shades allow more fabric options, with the choice of any coloring or patterns.  Since they roll up and down in pleats, they are easily accessible and simple to pull up out of the way when not needed.
    • Roller: The simplicity of roller shades is perfect for any room.  They lower and raise up with ease and look like they are not even there when not in use.
    • Drapery: If a room’s style is more traditional, then motorized drapes are a great option.  With motorized drapery rods, you can add any drapes to work with the system, whether set for automation or not.
    • Double Shades: Our favorite home shading control solution is one that combines multiple window treatment styles! With double shades, you can have drapery and roller shades, blackout and view preservation, or whatever other combination makes sense for the room! 


Virtually every aspect of the automated shades is interchangeable.  Between the numerous fabric colors, the pattern choices, and the multiple types of rods and handles – the options are endless.  Homeowners can pick the right motorized shading features that fit them perfectly. 

Automated shades don’t have to hamper style and design – instead, they can enhance them.  Kansas City, MO designers and homeowners can learn more about home shading control and the different design and style options by contacting us at (913) 498-1183 or online.

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