Experience Cinematic Bliss with a Custom Home Theater Design

A custom home theater design.

Applause Custom Sight and Sound Gives You the Theater of Your Dreams

A home theater shouldn’t be a one-size fits all solution. Every home and homeowner is different, with unique preferences and needs that should be met. That’s why we work closely with our clients at Applause Custom Sight and Sound. Whether you want a projector over a TV or unique theater seating, we are ready to help you create a custom theater that is unique to you. We can tailor your home theater design to exactly what you like. Check out how we ensure you get the home theater of your dreams in Kansas City, MO, through our multi-step process.

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Discovery Meeting

Before we start any designs or plans, we always meet with our customers. This is the time to ask us any questions, share your visions, and request certain products and designs. We’ll ask about the space you envision as your future theater and go over all your options. After this discovery meeting, we’ll take all of your preferences and unique needs to get started on a plan.

Design and Engineering

With your preferences and budget in mind, we’ll come up with an initial design. This design will give an overview of how your theater will look, the functionality you can expect, and what sort of technology we expect to integrate into the space. We’ll discuss with you, listen to your feedback, and work together to agree on a final plan before moving on.

Once the design is finished, we’ll get started working on a detailed blueprint and interior design. These blueprints will be designed by our engineers, ensuring that all your technology will provide an optimal audio-video experience. These detailed engineering plans will make it easier for our team during installation and allow us to finish it quickly.

Installation and Calibration

When installation day comes, our team will follow those detailed blueprints so that we can install everything correctly and efficiently. We’ll implement your speakers, display, projection screen, and every other piece of technology included so they provide the best cinematic experience possible. 

Once everything is installed and wired, we’ll start calibrating and integrating the tech. We’ll ensure your speakers work together to create a surround sound experience and that the display responds to your source. We can also integrate all of this technology into a home automation platform, so you can easily control all the tech in your theater from one remote.

Continued Support

Our partnership doesn’t end when we leave you with your home theater. We are always available for support and service if needed. We can help you manage manufacturer’s warranties for all your technology and provide on-site and remote support if needed.

Are you ready to add a truly unique home theater to your Kansas City, MO, home? Contact Applause Custom Sight and Sound today! We will ensure you get a home theater design that is perfectly curated to your unique needs.

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