Essential Components of a Home Theater System


Don’t Forget These Vital Pieces of Equipment in Your Home Theater Installation

More people are watching television than ever, likely due to social distancing. It is no surprise that the demand for home theater equipment such as projectors surround sound systems, and 4K televisions are increasing. When commercial theaters are closed, movie lovers in Mission Hills, KS create their own home theater experience in the comfort of their living room or dedicated media room.

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Connection Components

One often overlooked aspect of a dedicated home theater setup is the connection equipment. Sure, HDMI cables may seem tedious, but they can make or break your home audio-video experience. You will need several HDMI cables to hook up all your components and streaming devices. You don't want to be cheap when you invest in these. Older HDMI cables such as HDMI 1.4 cannot transmit the higher frame rates and bandwidths of 4K resolution, which means you won’t get the most out of your luxurious home theater display. Make sure that your HDMI cables are HDMI 2.0 or later. If you are a streaming fan, you should invest in Ethernet cables to connect your streaming devices directly to your network. Nothing is worse than frequent buffering or low-resolution streaming.

Must-Have Equipment

The best home theater experience is one in a dedicated room with little ambient light from windows; windows can, of course, be covered by motorized blackout shades to ensure the lighting is controlled. A simple setup typically includes a projector, projector screen, surround sound system, media devices, and an AV receiver. Other components to consider are streaming devices and video game consoles to allow for versatility of use.

We recommend consulting a professional to install dedicated cabling and structured wiring so that your theater remains uncluttered and easy to use. You don't need a separate room to upgrade your home audio-video experience. A media room can be enhanced with a 4K display or projector, surround sound system or soundbar, and new 4K streaming devices. For rooms with large windows, we also recommend installing motorized window treatments to simplify closing your blinds to avoid glare.

If integrated with a home automation system, your home theater system can power on in just a button tap, without the need for a variety of individual remotes. You can even create a customized home automation scene titled “Movie Night” to automate your bingeing setup. With just the press of a button, your motorized shades will close, your lights will dim, your thermostat will adjust, and your movie will start.

The best way to ensure your project is successful is by contacting a professional. Contact Applause Custom Sight & Sound today to learn more about our custom home theater system design and installation services! We look forward to hearing from you.

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