Elevate Your Lifestyle with Lighting Control Scenes


Let lighting create just the environment you need, whenever you need it

Integrating a lighting control system into your home is all about enjoying a luxurious, comfortable lifestyle. What if you could effortlessly create the atmosphere you need to work, relax or have fun with your friends by simply pressing a button or giving a voice command? That level of convenience is possible with our custom lighting scenes!

Keep reading our blog to learn how you can fully enjoy your everyday life at your Parkville, MO, home with our lighting control solutions.

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A Safer Experience in the Kitchen: Cooking Scene

Cooking is one of the most engaging experiences to do at home. Whether you are trying out new dishes by yourself or working together with your kids or spouse, you can make something fun out of a daily chore. However, the kitchen is also one of the most accident-prone areas of your house, so keeping your family safe in this room should always be a priority.

For example, by setting a “cooking scene,” you can automatically turn on all your task lights, and brighten them up. Need to make any adjustments on the go? Use a simple voice command and avoid getting bacteria on your touchpad or smartphone.

Enjoy Entertainment the Way You Deserve: Movie Night Scene

While comfortable seating, a sharp picture and high-fidelity surround sound are keys to enjoying movies or gaming to the maximum, never underestimate the power of good lighting control.

With a “movie night scene,” your lights will dim to recreate the movie theater experience, and shades will close to avoid any sunlight disrupting you. Then, you’ll just need to fix yourself some snacks, and you’ll be ready to enjoy a lazy afternoon with your family. Need to refill? Lights dim back up when you pause to pop some more popcorn.

Hosting a Dinner Party or Cocktail Hour? Party Scene

Being the host is a rewarding yet demanding experience. While you will certainly enjoy having all your friends over and spending a fun time with them, you will need to take care of a thousand details. Let your customized scenes make all this much easier!

A “party scene” will brighten the lights and change their color in your living and dining room without affecting other rooms. In the kitchen, retain your “cooking scene”. This way, your guests can get comfortable and in the mood for a gathering while you finish appetizers in the kitchen.

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we are ready to enhance your living with our high-tech solutions. Are you ready to integrate a lighting control system into your home? Contact us by filling out this online form or drop a message in our chat box to learn more!

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