Why You Need Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras

Protect your family with outdoor home surveillance cameras.

Safeguard Your Kansas City Property and Loved Ones

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a rise in the popularity of the video doorbell. Many homeowners admit they’ve been surprised by activities they can now see outside their doors—a random afternoon visitor, someone driving recklessly down the street, and perhaps a lost pet wandering by. But, even as helpful as video doorbells can be, they simply don’t match the coverage or clarity of outdoor home surveillance

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we understand the importance of safeguarding your Kansas City, MO, home and protecting your loved ones from crime. Continue reading to learn why outdoor home surveillance is a wise decision for homeowners.

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Crime Deterrence

A nice benefit of home surveillance is deterring crimes like burglary, trespassing, and vandalism. The simple presence of surveillance cameras can make potential criminals think twice and often leads them to target less secure homes. Also, in the event of a crime, high-quality surveillance cameras will be able to provide critical evidence to law enforcement to help solve the case and capture the criminals.

Continuous Monitoring

Home surveillance cameras offer around-the-clock monitoring to ensure your property is always protected. When paired with advanced features like motion detectors and alert notifications, you can keep a watchful eye on things while you’re away and take immediate action if necessary.

Prevent Package Theft

A ‘porch pirate’ is a thief who steals deliveries from doorsteps. In this age of same-day Amazon and grocery deliveries, this is becoming a growing concern for homeowners. Outdoor home surveillance can serve as a deterrent against pirating. Should the package be taken, the recorded footage can help track down the culprit.

Complete Property Surveillance

As mentioned earlier, video doorbells are helpful, but they can’t compete with the complete coverage provided by the strategic placement of home surveillance cameras. Work with a professional team like ours to install cameras around your property, including by doorways, driveways, backyards, garages, and sheds, for complete coverage. Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids playing outside, your pets running in the yard, or guests as they arrive, surveillance cameras can enhance visibility around your home’s perimeter.

Make Home Safety a Top Priority

Installing an outdoor home surveillance system is a proactive step toward comprehensive home security. Benefit from high-definition video, 24/7 access, and alert systems to protect your home against potential threats. 


At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we want to help residents of Kansas City, MO, feel protected in their homes. We can help select and install home surveillance cameras both inside and outside. For a free consultation, please contact us at (913) 498-1183, use the live chat box below, or fill out our contact form. Let us help you put your family’s safety first this new year.

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