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Articles in Category: Home Automation

Home automation can transform your daily routine. Add convenience and comfort to your life with these top-notch smart solutions and features.

3 Home Automation Features Every Homeowner Needs

Consider adding these smart technologies into your home for added convenience

3 Home Automation Features Every Homeowner Needs

Home automation has become the new normal and a priority for many new home buyers. With just a touch of a button, you can control your lights, shades, HVAC system, audio-video equipment, and more!

Home automation provides homeowners with added convenience, energy savings, and better security. Below, check out three home automation features that you need in your Leawood, KS home!

TAGS: home security system | lighting control

Home Automation Technology That Makes Life Easier

Stay Connected to Your Family and Your Home with Control4’s Smart Technologies

Home Automation Technology That Makes Life Easier

Most of you are probably well-versed in the latest home automation trends. From video doorbells to automated climate control to shades and lights that adjust with the amount of natural light in a room, the rapid advancements amaze even die-hard technology enthusiasts. 

Here, we’ll cover just a few of the innovations you may not have known about, the ones that take a back seat to the lights that come in millions of different colors and the surveillance systems you can watch from your TV. While they may not take the spotlight, these technologies are potent additions to the luxurious ease of living created by home automation. 

At Applause Custom Sight & Sound, we partner with the leading brands in home technology. One of these is Control4. Let’s see what they can do for your Mission Hills, KS home.

TAGS: Control4 | Home Automation | Smart Home

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed with Home Automation

Smart technology simplifies your morning routine and makes your life easier

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed with Home Automation

Your morning can make or break the rest of your day. If you start off on the wrong foot, you will feel stressed and like you have to catch up. What if you could streamline your routine without having to put in any more work? Smart technology can improve your mood and make things go smoothly. And while everyone has a different way of doing things, a home automation system can be customized to meet your family's unique needs! Discover three ways that home automation will improve your morning routine in Overland Park, KS.

TAGS: home automation | lighting control

Want to Create Your Dream Smart Home? Here’s the First Step.

Enjoy Greater Reliability, Efficiency and Customization with the Right Partner from the Start

Want to Create Your Dream Smart Home? Here’s the First Step.

How important is technology to your everyday lifestyle? For many families, especially over the past year, it has become as essential as water or electricity. So why are you bringing in plumbers, electricians, and interior designers during your construction phase but not a technology professional?

All you have to do is visit our Control4 certified showroom to see the perks of a comprehensive, fully customized home automation system. But to get the full benefits of this cutting-edge technology, you need to bring in a Control4 dealer early in the project. Below we explore the main reasons technology needs to be top of mind from the start.

TAGS: Control4 | Home Prewiring | Smart Home Automation